Louis Vuitton 5th Avenue

This extensive renovation relocated two crucial departments of Louis Vuitton’s Fifth Avenue flagship store, Watches & Jewelry and Specialty Bags.

DE LA GARZA ARCHITECTURE LLC was engaged by Louis Vuitton as their Project Manager to implement the new designs developed by Peter Marino Architect.

The Watches & Jewelry department employed custom lacquered panels, and fiber optic case lighting. DE LA GARZA ARCHITECTURE LLC directly developed the strategy for the extensive rerouting of mechanical systems required to achieve the design as well as the complex phasing of construction.

The Bag Bar includes moving back wall displays coordinated with the dimming controls as well as a reflective metal ceiling to draw customers’ view to the mezzanine.

Louis Vuitton North America, Inc.

Design Architect:
Peter Marino Architects LLC

Architect of Record:
Gertler & Wente Architects, LLP

Project Management:
Javier de la Garza, AIA de la Garza Architecture LLC

Vanguard Design and Construction

Sterling Plenert