Relocating to New Office Space

So you find yourself with the daunting task of moving your offices to a new space.  This can be overwhelmingly complicated and difficult, even ending in disaster. However, this can be a fantastic opportunity and a huge success with the right Architect.

The Client

As the Client, you will play a very central role in every step of the process.  Perhaps most critically you need to communicate your needs, expectations and goals to others as well as make decisions.  Also, you will likely have to think a lot about the needs and culture of your office.  Maybe you don’t need so many offices.  Or maybe the ping-pong table needs its own room.  Or these folks really like quiet and therefore need breakout spaces. From the real estate broker to architect to the furniture vendor, everyone is going to need your input and decisions.

Getting Started

The planning is critically important. Think of this as the most basic description of your idea.

  • How many people will there be now and in the future?
  • What type of office and meeting areas do you think you will need?
  • Are there support spaces like lounges, pantries and common work areas?
  • How many desks, chairs and office equipment do you have or additionally need?

These will be the first questions to answer before you even start looking for office spaces as it will determine what you are looking for based on your needs.  Your broker will need answers to these plus other questions, like neighborhood, building type, budget, lease term, etc. before even starting to search for a potential space that can accommodate.

The Architect

You will need a good architect right away to do Test-Fits of your favorite spaces.  They will also need the answers to those questions in order see how the spaces lay out for your needs. The most beautiful spaces might end up being too small even if they are the same area as another space. This could be that there are simple structural aspects like columns in the wrong places. An angled street wall or otherwise attractive element could be the undoing of the space accommodating your purposes.  Without a proper Test Fit you would not be able to foresee, budget or plan for those obstacles. You should have an architect on board early in the process to evaluate potential spaces to make sure they work for your needs. With your needs accounted for and outlined, they can determine which spaces can work for you and come up with a very clever way to make everything fit wonderfully.

If you are in the process of looking for potential space for your office, you can fill out and submit the Initial Questionnaire & estimate your needed square footage using our Office Space Calculator.  DLGA offers a free consultation to review your needs and options for your project.  Test Fits can ensure your needs will be met as well as saving you the stress of uncertainty as well as wasted time and money.